Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a new business venture to add to his ever-growing portfolio.

According to Boardroom, the three-time Super Bowl champion is taking his love for coffee to higher heights as a lead investor for Throne Sport Coffee, a ready-to-drink coffee beverage company that was launched Thursday (May 16).

Putting his money where his mouth is, not only did Mahomes attend a nice chunk of developmental and departmental meetings for the company, but he also had samples of the coffee sent to his home every two to four weeks in 2023 to ensure that he was able to help the Throne Sport family create a “tasty, healthy beverage with mass appeal to compete in a crowded market.”

“There were a lot of samples sent and the season worked out well,” Mahomes said. “We won the Super Bowl, so it must have worked. We’ve come up with a great product, and I think people will really enjoy them throughout the entire day, not be jittery, and not be sluggish after the coffee starts wearing down a little bit.”

The partnership with the brand is as good as it gets because Mahomes has always been vocal about his love for a good cup of joe, he says per the outlet, especially during those extra-long days throughout the NFL season. 

What’s more, it’s noted that he averages an intake of roughly four cups of black coffee per day.

With a plethora of grab-and-go coffee beverage options on the market, it didn’t deter Mahomes from joining forces with fellow lead investor and former BodyArmor executive Michael Fedele to explore the option of bringing their vision to life, especially when Fedele noticed what he calls “coffee milkshakes” filled with sugar and calorie saturating the industry.

“I am so detailed with all the stuff that I put in my body, and as an athlete, you have to be,” Mahomes explained. “You want to know what can make you perform the best. So when Michael gave me this idea, I wanted to make sure that I could really be in those meetings and describe how I felt after I drank the samples, how I felt throughout the day, and how it helped get the best out of myself.”

As the product officially heads to market, Throne Sport Coffee is available across the nation at the following stores: Hy-Vee, Casey’s, Amazon, and Sportcoffee.com. At this time, consumers can choose from four flavors — Mocha Java, Salted Caramel, French Vanilla, and Black.