This new vegan cookbook for children was inspired by this father’s little girl!

Black Enterprise reports that Chef Anthony Thomas is a private chef based in Washington, D.C. who like many others was forced to spend more time at home thanks to the pandemic.

For him, this became a blessing in disguise because he was able to bond with his daughter Ashlyn who he says, thanks to the grocery store, gave him the idea to create a healthy cookbook for kids.


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“She lights up when we are in the grocery store,” said Chef Thomas. “I can recall spending a whole morning in the grocery store, literally explaining every fruit and vegetable to her. I thought to myself, I’m sure many parents find themselves explaining the entire grocery store to their child, so what better way to do it than having a book that touches on everything.”

He created “The Little Vegan Chef” for kids which includes a collection of simple recipes that they can whip up as the world continues to navigate COVID-19.

Chef Thomas, a vegan himself, thought easy, quick meals might encourage others to develop healthier eating habits while at home.

“I studied different foods and recipes. When I hear customers say they want to change their eating habits but refuse to, the options are disappointing,” continued Chef Thomas. “Some of the best dishes I have created have been vegan, and I wanted to share that experience with anyone thinking of changing their diet or are loyal to the vegan lifestyle.”

Get your copy of “The Little Vegan Chef” cookbook here.