Netflix continues to set the bar for streaming platforms worldwide.

According to reports from TechCrunch, the leading streaming service will launch a free mobile plan in Kenya in an effort to further tap into the market.

“If you’ve never watched Netflix before – and many people in Kenya haven’t – this is a great way to experience our service,” said Cathy Conk, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix in a blog post. “And if you like what you see, it’s easy to upgrade to one of our paid plans so you can enjoy our full catalog on your TV or laptop as well.”

Available in more than 190 countries, Netflix is not shy when it comes to experimenting with various plans for its users. As a way to lure in more customers, the company has tried almost everything — from offering a $3 mobile-only plan in India in 2018 to offering its service for free through trials in various markets.

For the past few years, Netflix has expanded its content to be more inclusive of African cultures through its Nollywood category including films acquired and created for users in Nigeria.

In the latest move by the company, a quarter of both its movies and television series will be made available to users that take advantage of the free plan being offered in Kenya.

In the coming weeks, the free plan will be made available to all users in Kenya and can be accessed by any user over the age of 18 with an Android mobile device. It will not require any payment information at sign-up and will not include any ads.

Users will be able to watch some of Netflix’s most popular series and films and will have access to personalized recommendations, parental controls, and profiles (including kids) provided by the streaming service.

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