On Nov. 11, 2021, Meek Mill took to his Instagram story to manifest that he would follow in fellow rapper Money Man’s footsteps — and he sparked a larger conversation.

“Ima get my next record deal paid in bitcoin [sic] behind @moneyman,” he previously wrote in his story, per Vibe.

Then in February 2022, Meek once again took to social media to ask for advice about crypto investing — and the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper got some sage advice from Money Man himself, who tempered the excitement of the buy with the reality of the risk.

“You were suppose to stabilize your crypto a month or 2 ago before the 50 percent dip and buy back in close to the bottom,” wrote Money Man on Twitter. “Always take profits in crypto on some of these coins because trust me the big dawgs are taking there’s. Being greedy and thinking everything will moon. Can get you REKT.”

Indeed, Money Man’s sage advice belies the volatile nature of the crypto market. Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remain largely unregulated, the “dips” and the highs can feel like a roller coaster. And, without the proper financial advice, investing in cryptocurrency can be scary.

Still, Money Man is someone who knows more than a thing or two about this burgeoning market. So, we decided to take a look at his illustrious history.

Who is Money Man?

Once a signee to Cash Money Records, Money Man has been consistently dropping music since 2016.

According to Input Magazine, Money Man’s music has a constant theme — business, both old and new — and he even got Moneybagg Yo to drop a feature on his album, “Blockchain.”

Here's How He Made History

In December 2021, Forbes reported that Money Man was the first rapper to receive his advance in Bitcoin. The outlet confirms that the rapper received the advance from EMPIRE label, and CEO Ghazi felt that this was the first of many of these types of deals.

“I was with Money Man one day and I said bro, I think we could break the Internet if we did your advance all in crypto,” Ghazi says. “And he said, Let’s do it. It wasn’t about making a whole bunch of money. Money Man makes plenty of money. It was about the shift in culture.”

Amazingly, Ghazi said that the pair used Cash App to complete the transaction.

Preaching the Crypto Bible Since 2013

In 2013, no one could even fathom high-speed Internet, let alone cryptocurrency. But Money Man told Pitchfork that he was already making his first cryptocurrency purchase.

“I had Bitcoin back when it was at $300,” he told the outlet. “I just had a hunch that it was gonna explode, and it went all the way up to $18,000 when I cashed them out.”

For what it’s worth, as of this writing, Coindesk reports that Bitcoin has an all-time high of over $68,000.

And, from the look of it, Money Man seems to be living up to his name.