The spurious offspring of Twitch and Slack, Trading.TV recently announced the closing of a $6.1 million seed. The round was led by Tribe Capital, Navy Capital, L Catterton Growth, and Activant, Benzinga previously reported.

A portion of the revenue will open a $1 million creator fund which will prioritize the monetization and growth of creative platforms before the fall projections for public availability.

Founder and CEO Tobias Heaslip recognized a shift in lucrative revenue for the emerging creative economy during his decade tenure as a trader and analyst. His previous roles involved contributions for Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Barclays.

“It was sort of the golden age of investment banking as it relates to TMT deals and social media was just becoming an investable asset class,” Heaslip revealed in a statement.

What's Trading.TV?

The emerging creator economy and continued efforts to democratize stocks hint a promising class asset is near. Trading.TV allows content creators to connect with members within their community and disperse content in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), sneakers, trading cards, stock, and cryptocurrencies.

“We’re the world’s first social livestream and immersive chat platform for traders and financial content creators. Creators come on the platform, create content via live stream and on-demand video, and there’s immersive chat,” Heaslip revealed in a press statement.

What Will Trading.TV Offer?

Trading.TV places a small tax on subscriptions, donations, advertisements, and tips to provide an internal team to connect creators with companies. Revenue services will benefit content creators looking to create new streams of income.

“Creators traditionally have relied on sponsorships as the main source of their income,” Heaslip shared in a statement. “The problem is that the creator struggles in making those deals themselves – they don’t have the bandwidth – so an internal team will work with both the company and creator to match them up. We make a small commission on that.”

Trading.TV has pledged to support 50 content creators to invest and grow their platforms by providing them with new tools and resources with their $1 million creator fund.

For interested creators who want to tap in, they can fill out an application here.