Mike Tyson is officially bringing his cannabis expertise to the city where it all started for him.

In an official press release from the legendary boxing champion’s Tyson 2.0, the company revealed that his business, along with Carma HoldCo will partner with Hudson Cannabis to bring cannabis products to his hometown of New York, NY.

“As a native New Yorker myself, I’m thrilled to bring Tyson 2.0 to my hometown,” Tyson told AFROTECH in an email interview. “Bringing my brand to New York is a big full-circle moment. I grew up here, overcame lots of obstacles in my life here, and now I am back to make a positive impact.”

The official partnership is considered a huge milestone for Tyson 2.0 as the company continues to make its mark in the cannabis industry through a new level of quality and innovative products that include flower, vapes, edibles, and more.

“The brand is an extension of me, and it’s really a great feeling because it’s given me a new way to connect with people who are passionate about the plant like I am,” Tyson shared. “I can’t wait to continue building Tyson 2.0, learning more, and meeting new people.”

He continued: “There’s still lots of stigma around cannabis, but I’ve experienced first-hand how it can change lives for the better. I think me being open and honest about using cannabis responsibly and how it helps my mental and physical well-being helps to shift the conversation. The stigma exists partly because of outdated laws that don’t reflect the reality of what cannabis can do for people.

“I hope that by being here, by having a presence in my community, we can start a conversation about sensible regulations and the decriminalization of a plant that has the potential to do so much good,” Tyson said. “Our partner, Hudson Cannabis, is the leading cultivator in New York and has a strong commitment to responsible cannabis practices, so we know that together we can have an impact on the industry.”

Hudson Cannabis, known for its commitment to producing “premium, sustainable cannabis products,” also revealed its excitement to work alongside an industry connoisseur like Tyson.

“I am honored to welcome Tyson into our family of New York brands. It’s a partnership that goes beyond business,” Melany Dobson, CEO of Hudson Cannabis, said. “There is a shared commitment to excellence, to the relentless pursuit of the highest standards in New York cannabis, and to the spirit and determination of New Yorkers.”

As previously reported by AFROTECH, in the spring of 2023, Tyson expanded the reach of his cannabis products with the company’s first brick-and-mortar location in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, through a branded coffee shop. 

It also marked the brand’s first time expanding into the European market.

Now, the legendary boxer can celebrate bringing his advocacy for cannabis to the city that birthed him.

“Expanding to NY is a massive step for our Tyson 2.0 portfolio,” Tyson said. “New York is not just any other market — it’s a cultural melting pot and bringing my cannabis brand here takes everything to the next level. It’s not just reaching a new audience, but becoming a part of the cannabis conversation in one of the most important cities in the world.”

He continued: “Being able to establish a strong presence here means tapping into a dynamic and influential customer base, and Hudson Cannabis is the perfect partner to help.”

Tyson 2.0 will host an exclusive launch event in New York to celebrate the expansion on Dec. 8, but according to the former undisputed world heavyweight champion, there is much more in store for the brand.

“We’re planning more things everywhere,” Tyson revealed. “We’re growing everywhere and it’s a beautiful thing. Amsterdam is our first venture in Europe, and we’re just getting started. We’ve partnered with great brands in Europe, Asia, and beyond, and we’re just getting started. My goal is not just to be a player in the cannabis game but a pioneer, always seeking new opportunities and leaving a mark that goes beyond the boundaries of the traditional cannabis market.”