Black farmers to the rescue!

Ricky Dollison is a fourth-generation Black farmer who is also the owner of Dollison Farms housed in Poulan, GA, reports Black Business.

In true entrepreneurial fashion, Dollison also owns Warrior Creek Premium Meats — a resource hub for responsibly raised, antibiotic-free sausage, bacon, ground beef, ribeye steaks, chicken leg quarters, and pork tenderloins.

Not only are they holding down the meats department, but the family-owned and operated business also produces tons of leafy greens, soybeans, cotton, corn, and peanuts for their livestock to eat. It’s a one-stop-shop because they also raise their signature swine, “The Georgia Dolli,” which happens to be where their premium country cut bacon, sausage, and ham comes from.

While small farmers may have been feeding the world for generations, they aren’t always taken care of financially, especially during the pandemic. Yet, they still manage to make a way, even with limited financial resources and scarce equipment to extend harvest offerings directly to customers and to create the value-added products necessary for the world to survive.

You can find Dollison’s high-quality, Georgia-born and raised meats which are free of by-products, hormones, nitrates, and antibiotics in grocery stores throughout Southwest Georgia. Stores include Snipes, Publix, Piggly Wiggly, and Towson Meats.

Warrior Creek Premium Meats are also available for shipping nationwide and come directly from the farm to your freezer — they even have monthly subscriptions!

For more on how to support this Black farmer, click here.