Although MC Hammer may not be a household name in music anymore, those in the tech industry remain very familiar.

After exiting the rap game, MC Hammer, real name Stanley Kirk Burrell, set his eyes on Silicon Valley.  Hammer began founding and investing in tech companies in the mid-90s. The rapper/dancer/actor has reportedly invested in over a dozen tech startups over time, including Twitter and YouTube.

During a recent sit down with mogul Damon Dash, rapper and fellow tech investor Chamillionaire revealed a discussion he had with MC Hammer, making the shocking revelation that Hammer “owns a piece of Twitter.”

According to Chamillionaire, he ran into MC Hammer at a tech conference at Facebook’s headquarters. There, he had a four-hour conversation with Hammer who was frustrated with giving rappers investment advice they never took.

“He was basically saying, and I understand he was frustrated,” Chamillionaire tells Dash. “He was like, ‘I give the game about these tech companies to all these artists and they don’t be getting it. They be like, ‘pay me to tweet.’ Meanwhile, he owns a piece of Twitter.”

Chamillionaire also makes mention of Hammer being “plugged in” with a bunch of tech companies and being plugged in with billionaire angel investor, Ron Conway.

Watch Chamillionaire and Dame Dash’s entire discussion below.