Lizzo is a tech girlie, now — and we’re here for it.

For Logitech’s latest creative campaign, and in true Lizzo fashion, she is seated behind a computer screen sporting a vibrant tulle dress and soon becomes engulfed by Logitech’s newest innovation.

And while she chose a tech company to debut her next single, she admits to Forbes she is not the most digital tech-savvy.

“The hardware and me don’t get along,” she said.

Nonetheless, the experience served as a reminder that technology is a bridge to connect with others.

“So it was really a great metaphor of me being, like, ‘How do you work this camera,’ and then I get swooped into this world to be free and then dance and then fly into the sky and bear witness to all of these other great creators and connect with them and be in wonder with them,” Lizzo said, according to Forbes.

Why Lizzo Signed On

Logitech gained the stamp of approval from Lizzo because she felt “seen” as a Black woman and Black content creator through conversations with Logitech’s global chief marketing office Najoh Tita-Reid. In addition, the opportunity allowed her to venture into new territory she felt was reflective of her real-world experiences.

“I feel like I definitely represent a lot of the ‘new’ version of things,” Lizzo said, according to Forbes. “The new beauty standard, the new pop star, the new rule breaker, and how there’s just no rules anymore. I definitely identify with and represent those things, and it was nice to align myself with a campaign that was here to break the rules with me.”

Logitech's Latest Campaign Aims To Diversify Reach

Logitech’s newest “multi-million dollar campaign” also features comedian Elsa Majimbo, social media personality Bretman Rock, coder-producer DJ_Dave, gamer Danucd, digital artist Defaced, and fashion designer Kheris Rogers. The pool of influencers will help Logitech reach a diverse and younger audience and introduce them to its cameras, keyboards, microphones, and mice.

“It really is about juxtaposition and how the old ways and the old world really does require us to rewrite the world,” said Reid, the outlet reports. “This new generation is doing that. They’re rewriting the rules, they’re rewriting the world on their own terms, and they really have shown us that.”