Lil Yachty is about to have all of our manis and pedis looking right!

According to REVOLT, the Quality Control rapper is set to launch Crete a gender-neutral nail polish line designed for both men and women.

“I’d like to introduce my new nail paint line @crete_co,” said Lil Yachty in an Instagram post. “FIRST COLOR DROP MAY 21. 4 ALL GENDERS. FOR YOU, NOT THEM!

Through Crete, the rapper hopes to inspire people of all genders to express themselves freely!


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Nail polish has always been a way for the rapper to express himself and he has been seen rocking an assortment of nail polish colors and nail art designs so it was a no-brainer for him to develop his own line.

This announcement comes just a year after his public support of 17-year-old Trevor Wilkinson who was punished with in-school suspension at Clyde High School in West Texas for wearing nail polish in school last November.

Wilkinson said in a tweet: “imagine your school not allowing boys to paint their nails and giving boys iss for it. and the whole administration being okay with it, homophobic and sexist? welcome to west texas.”

The “Oprah’s Bank Account” rapper also shared his disdain for the school’s decision to suspend Wilkinson.

“Why do we still have barriers?” asked Lil Yachty in an interview with TMZ. “If someone wants to express themselves and it’s not harming anyone or bringing anybody down they should be allowed to do so. I don’t see the purpose.”

For Lil Yachty, the polish line is for everyone, but he expresses the importance of having something that caters to men and encourages them to be comfortable in their own skin.

“It’s essentially like, it’s unisex, but I want it to be more focused on for men to use it, and to be more comfortable in their own skin,” Lil Yachty said last year. “Because bro, it’s 2020, you know what I’m saying? Like it’s about to be 2021 — come on, what are barriers? We still have barriers?”

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