LeBron James gives back to his community continuously. Following the establishment of I Promise School, I Promise Village transitional housing, and other off-court initiatives, the LeBron James Family Foundation is now opening House Three Thirty, reports TIME.

Announced this week, House Three Thirty is a 60,000-square-foot venue that will offer financial literacy advice, job training, and a variety of other services that the entire Akron community can utilize.

“House 330 is going to be a sanctuary for our families,” said James of the venue — that will also include a dining space, coffee bar, private card room, and a museum dedicated to the NBA champion. “It’s going to be a place where all our families can grow and learn. This will be a hub for everything possible our families will need.”

In addition to cool recreational amenities, students and families can receive training in areas like plumbing, heating and cooling, food service, merchandising, accounting, and event planning. The foundation will also partner with JPMorgan Chase to offer visitors specialized advice for financial health to serve the underbanked and unbanked.

“These community centers are a great way to reach out to people and just bring them in,” said JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon. “Explain saving products, how checking accounts work, how you can get a checking account for your kids, start them on the process of saving.”

By 2022, LeBron James’ new venture will be a fully operating space that will not only uplift the community but also continue to add to the basketball player’s philanthropic legacy.

“It’s another win for our families,” said James. “But also a win for the city of Akron, and then for the people that are actually going to be there and see our model and hopefully they take it to another community as well.