LeBron James has recently made yet another climate-conscious investment.

Back in April, AfroTech reported that alongside Drake and Maverick Carter, the NBA superstar participated in a funding round for Palmetto — a clean energy startup.

Now, he has invested in a company that is working to fight climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture.

LeBron James Invests In Neutral Foods

James has become an investor in Neutral Foods, CNBC reports. The food company “buys carbon offsets to balance the greenhouse gasses created in the milk sells.”




Other Investors

Its $12 million investment round was led by Bill Gates’ investment fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Fellow investors included Mark Cuban, John Legend, Questlove, Kevin Love, and Tobias Harris.


BreakThrough Energy Ventures

“It’s clear that consumers are hungry for sustainable, climate-forward options and they’re reflecting that in their purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to buying food and beverages,” Carmichael Roberts, one half of the investing committee at Bill Gates’ investment fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures told the outlet.

Mark Cuban Also Made A Statement

“I think consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of the products they consume on the environment. I think Neutral is well positioned to meet that demand,” Cuban said, according to CNBC.

Where To Find Neutral Foods

Currently, Neutral Foods milk is stocked in around 2,000 grocery stores. The outlet notes that it is currently available at Whole Foods, Target stores on the West Coast, Sprouts, and various other grocers.

In addition to being in stores, the product has also made its rounds at events. For Questlove’s Roots picnic in June, the company was featured during the Philadelphia music festival.

The Food Company's Expansion

While the focus, as of now, is on milk, Neutral Foods plans to expand into butter and meat.

What’s more, the company is working with farmers to reduce carbon emissions where dairy products are produced. According to Ann Radil, the Head of Carbon Reduction at Neutral Foods, the company has eight distinct projects underway at farms it works with and 30 projects in some phase of development.