Hearing LeBron James’ famous call for “Taco Tuesday” is like clockwork on his social channels. It’s a time that brings the taco lover and his family and friends together. For the next venture of the NBA star and his LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF), the same feel of communing over meals is set to be taken to families across his hometown of Akron, OH.

The Foundation and Old El Paso will be opening their first-ever restaurant, The Taco Shop by Old El Paso, according to a press release. The new dining venture is an extension of LJFF and Old El Paso’s ongoing partnership, where they’ve held taco Tuesday nights and donated meals for James’ I PROMISE School. The Taco Shop — located in LJFF’s House Three Thirty — will have a menu that features meals from Old El Paso and selections “inspired by taco dishes created in the James household.”

“We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with LJFF and the House Three Thirty community, because we know that meaningful connections are created while enjoying good food together,” said Maria Jaramillo, General Mills Business Unit Director for Old El Paso in a statement. “Our hope is that the opening of the first-ever Taco Shop by Old El Paso restaurant will foster a new Taco Tuesday tradition among I PROMISE families and become something that they can look forward to with family and friends.”

The new restaurant will also serve as a space for family-led programming, along with hands-on job training and employment for I PROMISE families, the press release discloses.

“Opening our own restaurant is a whole new territory for my Foundation that I’m really excited about,” James said in a press release. “What started as a weekly taco night for families living in our I PROMISE Village has grown into so much more with The Taco Shop by Old El Paso. It’s incredible to now have a space where families can come together and share a meal while students and families also have the opportunity to gain important job training. We can’t wait for these doors to open to the community.”

The Taco Shop is set to formally open its doors in 2023.

I PROMISE Families' Celebration

Ahead of the grand opening, LJFF and Old El Paso hosted an event for I PROMISE families at the upcoming restaurant on Feb. 22, the perfect Tuesday.