If there is someone that can be considered recession-proof, it is “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA) star, Kandi Burruss. The Atlanta-based artist keeps a job. From songwriting to reality television to acting and producing, Burruss lives out her season 14 tagline: “I ain’t never skipped a beat or a bag.”

Kandi Burruss first hit the public scene in 1992 as a member of the R&B group Xscape. Signed to So So Def Records, the four ladies in the group gave the world R&B hits like “Just Kickin’ It,” “Understanding,” and “Who Can I Run To.”

Once the group disbanded before reuniting years later, Burruss continued her music career but mainly as a producer and songwriter. In her solo career, she wrote for an array of artists, including Destiny’s Child, TLC, and Alicia Keys.

Although Burruss’ music career should never be slept on, she did not lock herself in a box. You can find the entertainer in several television roles, executive producing plays, leading her adult toy line, and heading her restaurants.

All of Burruss’ work endeavors led her to amass a fortune valued at $30 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

In addition to her massive workload, the “Legs, Hips, Body” singer is a wife to entrepreneur Todd Tucker. Together, they have four children, benefiting from their parent’s legacy.

Ace and Blaze Tucker

Ace and Blaze are the youngest children between Burruss and Tucker.

The two can be seen across social media living their best little lives. From little-league sports to pre-school moments and play dates with family and friends, Ace and Blaze keep their parents on their toes.

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Burruss and Tucker have an Atlanta-based steak and seafood restaurant named after their youngest daughter, Blaze.

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Riley Burrus

Riley is Burruss’ oldest child and a current student at New York University. She has made several appearances on RHOA with her mom, where she documented parts of her personal journey.

According to her Instagram page, she explores great cuisine as a self-proclaimed food enthusiast when she doesn't have her head buried in the books.

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Kaela Tucker

Kaela is Tucker’s oldest daughter, whom Burruss has helped support since she and Tucker were married.

Kaela is a current New York resident as well and works as a fashion designer.

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