Jeezy has been making a lot of headlines as of late. And that’s partially because of his high-profile relationship with “The Real” host Jeannie Mai.

According to The Sun, Jeezy has definitely found the woman he loves. When Mai was on “Dancing with the Stars,” he rented out a billboard to promote his wife’s appearance on the show and encourage people to vote for her.

Now, he’s expecting a child with her later this year. In an interview with WWD, Mai said that she particularly enjoys his sense of fashion. She also said that the trap music pioneer is “an amazing dad,” (he has three children from a previous relationship) and that she can’t wait to build a family with him. The couple previously suffered a miscarriage, but overcame that tragedy, as well.

Not bad for the man born Jay Wayne Jenkins from Columbia, SC. Though he admitted he grew up in poverty, Jeezy worked hard and stayed focused on the prize, ultimately earning a $10 million net worth on the strength of his talent and hard work, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Let’s take a look at how the rapper-turned-music-executive makes his money — and how his “ambitions as a hustla” made him invest wisely for the future.

Editorial note: This piece was updated on Sept. 28, 2021, to include a new announcement made by Jeezy’s company, Agency 99, about a brand partnership with Naud Spirits.

Music Catalogue

Photo Credit: Lawrence Lucier

Jeezy first signed to Def Jam back in 2004. Since then, he’s released ten studio albums — with the latest being 2020’s “The Recession 2.” He’s had a number of successful singles with other artists, including Akon, Kanye West and Christina Milian. He’s a multi-platinum selling artist, and according to The Guardian, he — along with T.I. and Gucci Mane — brought trap music into the mainstream.

In November 2020, AfroTech reported that Jeezy took on an executive role at Def Jam Records when he signed a new deal with them.

“It’s an honor to return to the label I’ve called home for 15 years, not only as an artist but as an executive,” said Jeezy. “I spent most of my career learning from trial and error, I am happy to say that I am back on the team that helped me build my legacy from the streets to the boardroom and nothing makes me more fulfilled than being in a position to help guide and add value to the next generation.”

Real Estate

Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton

Despite Jeezy’s claims during his Verzuz battle against Gucci Mane, he does not, in fact, own “half of Atlanta.”

In 2007, he purchased a two-story penthouse at the Phoenix on Peachtree Complex for $1.32 million. He ultimately sold the property in 2014 for $950,000, taking a substantial loss in doing so.

Also in 2014, Jeezy purchased a 9,000-square-foot home just outside of Atlanta. He paid $1.5 million for that property.

In 2016, he purchased a three-story home near Georgia Tech for $685,000, which was $45,000 below the asking price. The home was part of a revamped foreclosure, and was converted into a studio compound.

Defiance Fuel

Courtesy of Defiance Fuel

A sports drink that promises to deliver “superior hydration,” Defiance Fuel is available to the public in retail stores nationwide. It comes in six flavors and is used by a variety of professional and amateur athletes.

Agency 99

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“From strategy to content creation to event production, Agency 99 is a full-service creative marketing agency specializing in custom experiential and influencer marketing programs set to help brands navigate the market trends of multicultural consumers,” reads Jeezy’s branding website. “Agency 99 is dedicated to evolving brand messages in to celebrated consumer experiences deeply rooted in the desire of inclusion. By aligning with key influencers who share the same attitudes and beliefs as our multicultural consumers, we seek to reposition brands as both a premiere brand of choice and an authoritative voice in the culture.”

Clients of Agency 99 include Avión Tequila, Def Jam Records and Defiance Fuel.

Avión Tequila

Photo Credit: Scott Legato

In 2013, Ken Austin & Jeezy came together to create Avión Tequila. At the time, Forbes noted that the tequila was voted “World’s Best Tasting Tequila” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the highest honor in the spirits industry. In 2018, Pernod Ricard acquired the final remaining share of ownership in the brand, according to a press release. While the terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, it’s safe to say that Jeezy made a pretty penny out of the deal.

Naud Spirits

Courtesy of Instagram / Jeezy

On Sept. 28, 2021, Jeezy’s Agency 99 announced a brand partnership with Naud Spirits. According to a press release about the partnership, Jeezy chose to partner with the company because of its reputation for its award-winning Cognacs and a growing line of other premium spirits, including vodka and gin. Naud is looking to build on its five generations of craftsmanship through Jeezy’s experience and proven track record building Tequila Avión into the third best-selling tequila in the US.

“Naud’s rich history as one of the most forward-thinking distilleries in France, combined with my knowledge and experience in growing brands, particularly in the hospitality and spirits industry, has tremendous potential to see explosive growth here in the U.S.,” said Jeezy, in a statement. “As I continue to grow my business portfolio, I look to brands, like Naud, that possess legacy experience but with a desire to push beyond conventionality for a better business.”