When you’ve got Kevin Hart and Jay-Z on board, the only direction to go is up. At least that’s the case for HUNGRY, a technology-enabled food catering and delivery platform that provides healthy snacks to corporate employees.

Forbes reports the subscription-based service — founded by Eman Pahlavani, Shy Pahlevani, and Jeff Grass in 2017 — has now acquired NatureBox.

The NatureBox Deal

The acquisition of NatureBox came after HUNGRY reportedly tripled in size after the start of the pandemic.

CEO Jeff Grass anticipates that more people will return to the office as companies and cities lift limits on pandemic-related protocols. This return to the office is expected to increase the demand for HUNGRY’s services.

“NatureBox had previously raised roughly $60 million in venture capital funding,” Grass explained to Forbes. “We project that NatureBox will add at least 20% to HUNGRY’s overall revenue in 2022, and we expect our business to double in sales in 2023.”

HUNGRY provides its own brand of jerky, nuts, and other typical snacks. The outlet also reports NatureBox currently has partnerships with independent brands in its curated packages, including Rise Coffee and Field Trip Crispy Cuts.

The acquisition of NatureBox expands snack options to existing clients through a recently developed HUNGRY Snacks platform.

HUNGRY also acquired LocalStove and Ripe Catering to better serve customers in the northeast region of the U.S.

“We’re growing like wildfire, and we expect that will continue for the foreseeable future,” Grass said to Forbes. “We just launched in our 11th city – Nashville – and you’ll see HUNGRY launching in more U.S. cities throughout 2022 and beyond.”

What We Know About HUNGRY

Since its inception, the company has provided corporate employees with meals prepared by local chefs across 11 cities.

According to PitchBook data, HUNGRY raised $60.12 million as of April 15 at an approximately $200 million “post-money valuation.”

In addition to backers like Jay-Z’s Marcy Partners and Kevin Hart, Usher, and celebrity chefs — Tom Colicchio and Ming Tsai — have also gotten behind the startup.

Editorial Note: This piece has been updated since initially published.