‘Tis the szn to gift NFTs?

The answer to that question is “yes” for rapper Ja Rule, who has decided to step away from the norm and adopt a new tradition this holiday by gifting his children non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“The kids are big now… I like to give them stuff that [is] more meaningful now in the financial world, and in the investment world… so I probably will give them some cool NFTs this Christmas and get them into the art world,” Ja Rule told Page Six.

Ja Rule — who has three children with Aisha Murray — thinks the gesture will be worth it in the long term since the NFT space continues to take off.

“I want to get my kids into the NFT space,” Rule said, according to the outlet. “I think I want to do that for them this Christmas ’cause it’s cool and different. It is an investment, stuff that they can have to watch and grow with them as they are getting older because it’s gonna be a great investment.”

Ja Rule celebrated his first Christmas around the age of 12, according to Page Six.

“I never got to celebrate Christmas, ever, because I’m Jehovah’s Witness,” Ja Rule said. “So when I was around 12, that is when I celebrated my first birthday — and probably my first Christmas, for that matter.”

Since then, Christmas has become a holiday favorite for the rapper. Now, he looks forward to the opportunity to give back to his family.

“I took on Christmas as one of my favorite holidays. For me it’s more about giving, and I’m the breadwinner in the family … I like to give to everybody. It makes me happy to see everybody else smile and be happy and get them the things that they want,” Ja Rule continued.

NFTs Are Here To Stay In Ja Rule's World

Even though NFTs will undoubtedly put a new twist on Ja Rule’s holiday giving, he’s no stranger to the space.

As AfroTech previously told you, Ja Rule launched NFT marketplace Flipkick.io alongside co-founders Robert Testagrossa and James Cropcho to help creatives monetize their physical NFTs.

Before the launch, the rapper saw first-hand success when he sold a Fyre Festival painting for a whopping $122,000 in cryptocurrency.

It’s no wonder Ja Rule plans to release his own cryptocurrency in the future.