Burnout, hustle culture and grinding to exhaustion is no longer attractive to the new generation of leaders, which opens doors for employers who offer an alternative lifestyle. Creating a new standard for the workplace starts with a company culture that not only offers an extensive package of mental health resources and services, but actively encourages employees to invest time into their well-being.

Here are a few of the trailblazing wellness resources that can change the game for employee well-being: 

  • Meeting Employees Where They Are

There’s a big difference between offering employees wellness services and supporting “the whole person and their spectrum of care.” In order to better understand the unique needs of employees at each office, T. Rowe Price has been implementing a “test and learn” technique. For example, to help employees feel more comfortable seeking out talk therapy, the firm offered a therapist’s services for 8 hours a week in an office. After a successful test run, the firm will be expanding this offering to many more locations. 

  1. Creating A Home For Wellness

One challenge with offering a wide selection of wellness resources and services is that employees may not know where to access everything that is available to them. T. Rowe Price has a vision for putting all of the resources together in a single platform, which will allow employees to turn to a single place for their well-being. But even more importantly, employers can track adoption rates for specific services to ensure they continue to deliver the highest-value programs.

  1. Supporting Employees through Major Life Events

Wellness is more than just the day-to-day. When employees are in need of additional support to deal with major life events, substance abuse or other changes to health and well-being, T. Rowe Price offers up to 8 weeks of additional video therapy and behavioral coaching. This is in addition to talk therapy sessions, mindfulness programs and telehealth services, which are all available at no cost to employees.

We are in the era of redefining work life balance, and with trailblazing employers like T. Rowe Price leading the charge, the future of workplace wellness shines bright. Start your journey to finding a firm that invests in your thriving inside and outside the office with T. Rowe Price.

This editorial is brought to you in partnership with T. Rowe Price.