There is so much power in creativity!

For Alyissa Johnson, art has always been a pivotal part of the journey, and as she continues to excel and grow along the way, the sentiment remains the same.

Art is Life

“Art was always a huge part of my life,” Johnson told AfroTech. “Whether it was my mom’s creativity or the markers, crayons, and sewing projects I enjoyed as a kid. I studied graphic design in college at the University of Kansas. Then I worked at Hallmark shortly after college for eight years, and while I was there was inspired to take up hand lettering as a hobby.”

From Passion to Profit

Now, the young creative is taking her knowledge from working on projects with companies like Hallmark and Canon to take her own business to greater heights.

After Another was created as a way for Johnson to motivate, inspire, and empower others one print or jewelry piece at a time.

The Vision Behind After Another

“Something that has stuck with me is that I want my prints to motivate, inspire and empower and I want my jewelry to be something I would want to wear or gift myself,” she explained. “I’m proud to be able to create while still having fun. I find I am able to motivate, empower and inspire my work through inclusivity.”

“After Another is a place, we have curated for all who need an uplifting word, an empowering message, or a shiny new pair of earrings,” she added. “We support the LGBTQIA community, science, intersectional feminism, Black Lives, AAPI Lives and being your true selves regardless of who you are.”

The Perfect Partnership

In partnership with Canon, Johnson spoke about being able to turn her art into something that is substantial.

“I have recently been doing more commissioned work, which is where my partnership with Canon becomes even more critical,” she shared. “I love the ability to make art into something tangible. I like to think my secret weapon is the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 printer. It’s simple to use and allows me to make simple, long-lasting prints that both my clients and I love. It’s compact enough to have in my home, which is super important considering I run my business from home – and even prints wirelessly when I am moving about my home.”

Click here to shop Johnson’s handmade jewelry and custom prints on After Another.