In the late 1990s, Auto-Tune was introduced. However, it’s no secret that it was T-Pain who helped push it to the forefront of the music industry.

Recently, T-Pain said there was a time when he was paid anytime Auto-Tune was used in someone’s music. He described an instance where he received royalty points, solely for influencing the sound on Diddy’s album “Last Train to Paris.”

“Yeah it was nuts, it was real crazy. Some people volunteered, and some people didn’t know, so it was great. Diddy volunteered. Diddy gave me points on ‘Last Train to Paris’ ’cause he used Auto-Tune,” T-Pain said.

He continued: “It’s on video! I still have the video on a hard drive right now of Diddy writing a contract on a napkin in the studio saying he was gonna give me a point on ‘Last Train to Paris’ and we both signed it.”

In an interview with REVOLT, the album engineer Matt Testa also confirmed Diddy was inspired by T-Pain’s success on the charts and requested his permission to emulate his unique sound.

“At that time, T-Pain was heavy on the autotune and was running up the charts. Puff played it off as a joke, but was serious when he told T-Pain, ‘I want your permission to use autotune.’ T-Pain was like, ‘Yeah, whatever. It’s not mine, you can use it.’ He ended up giving Pain a royalty point on the album and [the agreement] was written on a napkin. Pain definitely got that point because I spoke to him recently,” Testa explained in 2020, according to REVOLT.