Grammy award-winning artist, Miguel, is not only a master of similes and metaphors (check out the lyrics of “Sure Thing”), but he’s also now the Global Creative Director for T3MP0 (“tempo”).

During VeeCon 2022, the tech company announced that the platinum-selling singer and songwriter would reportedly be “the first musical artist of his stature to be involved in creating a web3 studio from the ground up.”

The First Ever

According to a press release, Miguel’s leadership will be a representation for A-list talent and brands to provide extraordinary value to their fans by leveraging technology like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), metaverse worlds, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DOAs). His work as Global Creative Director will include extending his collaboration history to bring some of the industry’s top talent into the web3 space.

“We are very excited to support Miguel’s creative vision for the web3 space and the future of creator-direct-to-fan communities,” said Roger Chabra, T3MP0 Founder & CEO.

High Expectations

T3MPO has high hopes for Miguel’s artistic contributions to the organization. They believe his authenticity represents the wide range of creative work the company wishes to pursue.

“Miguel is a true ‘artist’s artist,’ who is consistently collaborating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the arts, fashion, and technology worlds. Since joining T3MP0, Miguel has helped us evolve from a nascent idea into a world-class team and technology platform. We believe strongly that specialized, community-focused studios like ours are critical pieces of the web3 ecosystem, providing a consistent flow of innovative content & experiences to the top digital marketplaces, platforms, and metaverses,” Chabra added.

The Work Is In Progress

Miguel was a featured speaker at VeeCon 2022 during a one-on-one session with conference co-founder Gary Vaynerchuck. During that conference session, Miguel announced his first project as S1C (Schedule 1 Concepts).

“S1C will harness blockchain protocols and connect them with IRL products and experiences that result in sustainable, culturally-relevant projects. S1C’s vision is to be the first life and style web3 community with truly disruptive creators at the wheel,” Miguel explained.

Based on the press release, people can expect S1C to reveal specific details about how individuals can join the community, the perks of membership, and a roadmap for future content.