Is your content really fire if you have to tell people?

Gillie da King and Wallo join Black Tech Green Money podcast host, Will Lucas, to discuss how they are able to not only connect with their fans and make money but remain authentic and true to themselves at the same damn time.


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“We have a human connection with our audience,” shares Wallo. “They mess with us because they can relate. It’s more relatable when we’re just being us every day in a world where everyone is trying to be an illusion.”

Wallo and Gillie are the hosts of Million Dollaz Worth of Game —  a weekly podcast that’s pretty self-explanatory but is also described as the perfect blend of discussions on personal experiences, comedy, music, and real-life issues.

“We did the research and waited before just jumping in the podcast game,” shared both Gillie and Wallo. “A lot of times people see everyone moving and just jump into things without being strategic about the approach.”

And by strategic, the dynamic duo poses the following question for people who deem themselves content creators or influencers — “Why do your followers follow you?”

Answering the question will tell you all you need to know about what type of content your audience is looking for. Yet, make no mistake, Wallo and Gillie share that the common misconception that people have about content creation and making money is that they overthink and wound up copying or imitating other people. The pair goes on to explain that you don’t know what’s in that person’s heart when they produce content and wonder why they don’t achieve the same success.


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That same comparison is what they say leads people down the path to nowhere and to a life of unhappiness.

“Everyone on social media is comparing themselves to each other which means you can never truly be happy,” Gillie said. “People get caught looking at the ups and not the downs and people never show you the downs on social media, only the ups.”

For more gems from Gillie and Wallo and free game on how you too can successfully use devices like your smartphone and social media to create lucrative business tools, check out the full episode of Black Tech Green Money below: