Amoako Boafo has work that is out of this world…literally.

CBS News reports that Ghanaian artist, Amoako Boafo, can now celebrate the official launch of his artwork in outer space. That’s right, the artists’ had three paintings that went into orbit on the most recent space mission launched by billionaire Jeff Bezos.

After a successful launch into space for the Amazon founder a month ago, Blue Origin officially sent off suborbital spacecraft, New Shepard, on Thursday, Aug. 26.

The spacecraft was not only equipped with Boafo’s artwork, but also included NASA lunar landing technology along with 18 additional research payloads.

Amoako Boafo’s Art

Boafo had three portraits that traveled into space aboard the ship’s parachute covers. The Ghanaian artist prepared for his art to travel into space through the use of special paint designed to withstand the stresses of spaceflight. 

His work included a portrait of himself, his mother, and the mother of a childhood friend.

“My mother has always been a backbone in shaping my dreams as an artist,” Boafo said in a statement. “In Ghana, where I grew up, it is said that a mother’s love comes from a place ‘out of this world.’ These works are an ode to motherhood for there are not enough words that best describe a mother’s love and support.”


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He further explains what this particular collection means to him.

“A self-portrait looking up to the skies best explains what this project means to me,” he continued. “I grew up knowing the sky was the limit and now I get to work on a project that goes beyond the sky as we know it.”

A Launch With A Cause

As if having his artwork travel into space wasn’t already a huge feat, Boafo is also using this moment to give back in a huge way. 

The initiative was launched by Uplift Aerospace’s “Uplift For Good” campaign. Not only did the company commission the inaugural “Suborbital Triptych” mission, but they donated to African health care charities hand-selected by Boafo.

The flight marks Blue Origin’s 17th New Shepard flight and the fourth one taken in 2021. 

Prior to last Thursday’s mission, Bezos, along with three crew mates embarked on a suborbital trip to space on July 20. According to CBS, Blue Origin currently uses two operational New Shepard capsules. One is specifically designed to carry research payload and another is made for passengers.

They anticipate the launch of another passenger flight later this year.