Move over Jeff Bezos, and make room for basketball legend and billionaire Michael Jordan as his price just went up for the umpteenth time!

Entrepreneur reports Lionel Messi’s recent contract earlier this month with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) not only was a celebratory deal for the Argentine soccer icon, but also for Jordan’s accounts, making him about $47.5 million richer, according to projections. Michael Jordan is alongside Amazon’s founder and former CEO Bezos, who is also projected to earn several million in the aftermath of Messi’s agreement to a two-year PSG contract.

So, we have questions. How exactly will Michael Jordan make a profit from PSG’s total earnings? Why is Lionel Messi’s PSG deal a major win for the billionaire? And, the question you’ve all been waiting for, what is Jordan’s net worth looking like in 2021?

1. How Exactly Will Jordan Make A Profit From PSG's Total Earnings?

Jordan’s Air Jordan sports brand is the maker behind the PSG club’s sportswear and his brand’s agreement with the club means their income earned trickles down to his own earnings as well — 5 percent of the income to be exact, according to the agreement. The high demand for Messi’s new jersey for PSG is already in effect, and one can anticipate that as the season goes on, so will the growth of sales.

2. Why Is Messi's PSG Deal Such A Win For Jordan?

What makes the projected earnings even more of success is that it will serve as a bounce back from what Jordan lost last year due to COVID-19’s economic impact on his businesses.

Based on estimated calculations and Messi’s two-year deal, a total of $47 million could reportedly be added to Jordan’s fortune. His earnings also depend on Air Jordan’s current collaborative deal with Nike and whether PSG will extend for another year past the club’s end in mid-2022.

3. What's Michael Jordan's Net Worth In 2021?

Forbes’ wealth update back in March revealed that Jordan’s net worth took a dive from $2.1 billion in 2020. According to Forbes, as of this writing, Michael Jordan currently has a net worth of $1.6 billion.

4. When Will The Earnings Begin To Roll In For Jordan?

Messi has yet to officially make his debut on the Parisian field, and the estimated numbers for Jordan and his brand are subject to change when the 2021-2022 season starts. Messi is expected to make his PSG entrance on Aug.29 against Reims.

Time will tell just how much Jordan and Messi will benefit from each other’s endeavors.