Apparently, obtaining multi-millionaire status isn’t enough for Future. Recently, the unofficial king of March Madness made it plain and clear that his current goal is to be Hip-Hop’s next billionaire.

In the May 2022 issue of GQ, Future took on questions, and one included what’s to come? And, the resounding answer was “billions.”

Billionaire Status Is The Goal

“How’s the future looking? Billions, that’s how it’s looking,” Future replied in the interview. “Office buildings, real estate companies, publishing companies — just success all-around, whatever I put my mind to. Whatever that is in the future, whatever I’m putting my mind to, I want it to be successful and reach its highest potential.”

According to Bio Overview, Future’s net worth currently sits at $40 million, putting him far from billionaire status. However, he could possibly slowly climb up to that status with the previously mentioned business endeavors. In addition to his future business moves, the rapper recently tweeted that he allegedly rakes in $1 million per show.

“How many trap n***as u know can get 1mil ah show???” he tweeted. “#IMDATN***A.”

The Road Ahead

What’s more, the new claims of a $1 million price tag seem to be a significant increase.

According to a 2015 TMZ report, Future was charging $150,000 for a 45-minute segment.

So, with these factors in mind, can the rapper achieve the feat?

Future releases his new album “I NEVER LIKED YOU” on April 29. With the release of this music, in addition to a possible tour and associated merch, his account could be amplified. However, there’s no telling of when he will reach his 10-figure goal.

There are only two other rappers in the billionaires club — Jay-Z and Kanye West. Jay-Z reached the billionaire status first, with a current net worth of $1.3 billion. Since then, Kanye West has passed Jay-Z with an approximate $6.6 billion net worth.