Six-year-old Taurian Collins is among the most intelligent in the world.

KNOE-8 in Monroe, LA, reports the young Louisiana student began reading at just 2 years old. Remarkably, he also triumphed over challenges with both speech and hearing at the tender age.

“He wasn’t really talking. He was ‘mama, dada’ and that was a little iffy. I don’t think he was saying 10 words,” Taurian’s mother, Jessica Collins, told KNOE-8.

After a visit to the pediatrician, Jessica would learn her son needed his adenoid glands taken out and tubes placed in his ears, areas that can often become inflamed due to sinus or allergy issues, per Mayo Clinic. Within three months, Taurian showed great improvement.

“He has not stopped talking since,” she expressed.

Taurian’s aptitude for learning was not only displayed within the confines of his home, but at school as well. Due to his results on tests, he applied and was accepted into Mensa, a high-IQ society. As AFROTECH™ previously told you, the organization requires scoring “within the upper 2% of the general population on an approved intelligence test,” to join, per its website.

“He’s the perfect candidate for a program like that. I mean, these are the most intelligent people in the world, and he fits right on in that group,” explained Dr. Brian Bush, principal at J. S. Clark Magnet School in Monroe.

“He’s a character. He is definitely different,” Jessica said.

To no surprise, Taurian has big aspirations for his future, aiming to play in the NFL, inspired by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. Furthermore, he is showing interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as he also looks to become an astronaut.

Regarding his academics, his sights are set on gaining admission to an Ivy League institution, specifically aiming for Harvard University during his teenage years.

“He said he’s going to Harvard at 13. So, we’re going to do whatever we have to do to get him to Harvard at 13,” Jessica expresed, according to KNOE-8.