Six-year-old Declan Lopez is a genius!

ABC7 New York reports Lopez, a New Jersey native, has an IQ of 138.

“I’m interested in arts, science, math and geography,” Lopez told the outlet.

She also mentioned, “My favorite thing to learn is a force in motion.”

Despite being in only kindergarten at Dennis B. O’Brien Elementary, Lopez is already impressing her school and parents by reading on a third or fourth grade level.

Her parents first recognized she was special “almost right away,” according to

“At first, they say, it was small things other parents would’ve marveled at too like seeing her hold her own bottle or nearly sit up just days after being born,” her dad, Delano, told

“But we knew it for sure when she was about 18 months,” Meachel added, according to the website. “I remember she was sitting on my lap and started kind of counting to herself in Mandarin. I was like, ‘but how?!’ I thought it was gibberish. I didn’t know what she was saying but then we realized it was from the cartoons, the learning videos we’d play for her on YouTube. She’d picked it up.”

Her preschool teacher, Vicki Vigorito, director of The Learning Experience in Denville, also expressed amazement and recognized Declan was “whip-smart.”

“Some of her interests and abilities left me with my jaw dropped,” Vigorito told The Messenger. “She was so advanced at math, would draw body parts that were, you know, anatomically correct and she’d remember everybody’s first and last name.”

Declan is also a member of the Mensa, an organization that requires scoring “within the upper 2% of the general population on an approved intelligence test,” its website mentions.

Declan has joined an exclusive group of only 100 individuals in the United States within her age range who have been inducted into Mensa, per

“At Dennis B. O’Brien, the gifted program serves all students who meet the criteria with a focus on grades 3-8,” said Alfonso Gonnella, Rockaway Township Public School System’s director of curriculum, instruction, and professional development, according to

“We’re so proud of Declan for her acceptance into Mensa,” he says, adding that several teachers at the school work together to ensure she “receives a program that challenges her on all levels.”