One of this year’s viral debates has officially come to a close.

Florida A&M University Goes Viral

Back in the spring, Florida A&M University grad student Terica Williams was under fire for posting a photo where she presumably looked to be nude by the school’s landmark snake. Then, a debate was sparked about whether or not the photo shoot was appropriate to be conducted on campus.

Once the controversial photo traveled across social media, Florida A&M took away her master’s diploma.

Terica Williams Speaks Out

“Their words were there would be a trial to decide if I violated any student code of conduct,” Williams told NBC 6 South Florida. “I was a little shocked because I didn’t feel like I violated any rules.”

Now, seven months later, the HBCU has reversed its decision, according to the outlet.

The Latest Update

According to Williams and her legal team, she was wearing a nude-colored body suit. After pleading her case before a university board in September, FAMU ruled in Williams’ favor. 

“I feel amazing, overjoyed,” she shared.

Williams will soon receive her diploma, but the initial removal affected her career journey. She claims that during those seven months, she was unable to secure internships with mental counseling facilities.

“To me it was a complete violation of her First Amendment right of expression,” said attorney David Kubiliun about FAMU’s decision to not give her the diploma.

“When she took that picture there was no one around the campus. So, it’s not like she disrupted school functions, which is what the school initially said,” Kubiliun said. “Secondly, that she violated a law which was confirmed by the school’s police department that she was not in any violation of any Florida Statute.”