Neko Sparks is a leader within the entrepreneurial and technological space, a fate that became clear during his childhood years.

In an interview with AfroTech, he recalled learning to program games on his first computer, the Commodore 64, as a child. With the advancement of technology, his interest in the field grew as he combined his passions for comic books and science fiction.

“With comic books and science fiction, they both become science-backed. Both of my interests have always been a precursor to what technology would become. So I think that interest evolved from there,” Sparks explained.

Sparks has dedicated nearly 15 years to various tech sectors, including artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, augmented reality, and interactive media.

Prior to his foray into the field, he dabbled in various other industries and leveraged his resources to strengthen his footing in tech.

Now, he serves as chief technology officer of Pixel Lime, a position he has held since 2019.

“I think everything that I’ve done, looking back, whether it was working in entertainment or real estate or starting even off in the finance industry, was all kind of key to me getting to a point where I can use my resources to jump in the fields of technology that I wanted to be in,” he said about obtaining his current position.

Sparks’ ultimate mission is to use technology to better the world, whether that is through his personal projects or his position with Pixel Lime.

The LA-based artificial intelligence and immersive technology company, which boasts clients such as Universal Studios, Jurassic World, and Angry Birds, among other Fortune 500 companies, offers “interactive, AI driven, 360° educational and instructional tools,” per the company’s website. In addition, “360° Interactive content, Gaming, and Web3 production services” are also offered.

“In terms of what we’re doing at Pixel Lime, we definitely have to be selective about who we license our technology to,” Sparks told AfroTech. “Not that we’re trying to pick and choose who uses our technology, but I think that there’s an ethical consideration in terms of what it’s being utilized for, because if our only condition being in tech was to enrich ourselves and sell it to the highest bidder, there’s definitely some questionable parties that we could have sold out to very early on.”

Along with being the founder of Pixel Lime, Sparks has also released an interactive comic titled, “The Woods Lost and Found.” This storyline centers on a stranded archaeologist looking to escape the woods as he is fearful of an ancient creature.

“I’m old school, I read paper comic books, and you didn’t get to interact with the characters. So, it’s more about just broadening the interactivity so that a reader is more engaged in the storyline,” Sparks explained.

Also consuming some of his time and attention is his desire to own an NHL team.

As AfroTech previously told you, Snoop Dogg and Sparks have joined forces in hopes of becoming the first Black team owners in the NHL.

They are looking to secure ownership of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators.


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“There’s common knowledge that we are in the final stages of a run for a professional sports team,” Sparks tells AfroTech. “Like ownership in any other endeavor or field, it’s important because it gives us a voice in shaping the culture, the game interaction, and growing the sport as a whole.”

On the afternoon of Monday, May 15, Sparks and the group submitted the bid, sources told AfroTech.

Additionally, according to sources, the group also officially partnered with First Nations. Based on their website, their mission is centered on providing support to native communities.

“This would be really big, to see First Nations get an equity stake in a team in the nation’s capital,” Sportsnet writer Wayne Scanlan said in a report. “It’s significant. I look at this bid, with African Americans and the First Nations people in Canada who have been suppressed for a long period of Canadian history, and a successful bid by this group would be a monumental achievement.”