This couple no longer wants to depend on a company to thrive in the vacation and home rental space.

According to Indy100, influencer couple, Sara and Tony Robinson have managed to bring in more than $1.3 million in revenue annually, with most coming in from the 22 properties they have listed on Airbnb.

Now, they are revealing why they are leaving the company behind despite their massive success.

“Our properties have made millions of dollars but we are quitting airbnb,” said Tony in a video that the couple shared to YouTube.

Together, they have managed to draw in thousands of followers by lending advice on the real estate industry via their platforms on Instagram and YouTube.

“We love Airbnb, obviously. Putting our properties on that platform literally changed our lives,” he continued. “It allowed us to quit our day jobs, become entrepreneurs and work for ourselves and make a pretty decent living doing it.”

Furthermore, Tony explained what led to their decision to make that Airbnb exit.

“We are also absolutely terrified because our business right now is totally reliant on Airbnb,” he said as he wife explains how 100 percent of their short term booking rentals are reliant on the popular vacation home rental platform as well as its competitor, Vrbo.

What's Next?

“Now our goal is to end our reliance on Airbnb and start working towards getting guests to book with us directly,” Sara explained. “So we’re not quitting Airbnb today, but we are setting our business up so that instead of it representing a hundred percent of our bookings, it represents like 25 percent of our bookings.”

In addition to that, the Robinsons hope to continue to get that percentage to decrease, noting that they will slowly quit over time.