One of the many things Beyoncé is excellent at is providing music that speaks to specific feelings and placements in life. She is particularly keen on doing this with women empowerment, and her latest album, “Renaissance,” is no different.

She opens the project with “I’m That Girl,” a celebratory ode expressing her confidence and cultural space. And with captions and reels all over Instagram that use this song as inspiration, many women fully embrace the song’s message. Actress Crystal Hayslett is one of those women that has fully tapped in.

The “Sistas” and “Zatima” actress recently sat with AfroTech to discuss her range and versatility, breaking down why she is, in fact, that girl.

Originally from Martin, TN, Hayslett is an actress keeping the people on their toes with her fiery character Famita in Tyler Perry’s “Sistas” and “Zatima.” However, flexing on the television screen isn’t all she does. Hayslett is a producer, writer, investor, and real estate enthusiast.

While her hands are pretty full with everything she has going on, Hayslett is determined not to stay in the box, specifically as an investor in companies like StatusPro and Gold Standard Farms.

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StatusPro is a virtual reality game that’s bringing safety to sports by enabling virtual practices for athletes.  Captivated by the idea and the interest the company’s owner had in established athletes, Hayslett was sold on the idea and wanted to be a part.

“Immediately, I was drawn to it ’cause I’m a big sports girl. Fast forward to a year later, when I tell you, he called me. He said, ‘Hey, we opened up our cap. You can invest if you want to.’ And I said I want in,” Hayslett said.

Currently, the company has Lebron James and Drake, who have also signed on to invest and be part of the growing VR company.

As a southern girl, Gold Standard Farms hits home as it is located in her hometown of Martin. A childhood friend reached out and told her about this land that was there and the chance to grow cannabis on it. Interested in the idea, Hayslett jumped at the opportunity. Now, the Black-owned cannabis farm is working to build a facility and work with the local university, the University of Tennessee – Martin, to create a program and jobs to employ and educate young people interested in the industry.

If that wasn’t enough, Hayslett is also making her mark in the real estate industry. She says she has always loved every facet of the home process, from buying to design. She has since capitalized on that love, owning $2.3 million worth of property.

“Real estate is where it is. I feel like a lot of people; when they make it, the money is burning a hole in their pockets. I want to [be] very strategic and intentional about what I put my money behind so that I build a legacy for my future family, for my family that I have right now,” Hayslett described.

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While navigating all the facets of Black Girl Magic that she possesses, Hayslett is still mastering her craft as an actress and even picking up tips from her shows’ creator, Tyler Perry.

“All the experiences that gave me and continue to give me to allow me to able to make smart decisions and not be so ‘Oh my goodness.’ I’m not star-struck or impressed by a lot of things because of the things he [Tyler Perry] has allowed me to see,” Hayslett explained.

You can learn more about all Hayslett has going on by checking out her AfroTech Live conversation here.