With the drop of Beyoncé’s latest album, the “Summer Renaissance” is upon us. The 16-track project gives out bops that are likely ideal for a good brunch situation, a vogue competition, and positive vibes.

However, the track mentioned above from the album, “Renaissance,” highlights the Liberian American, Black-owned luxury label, Telfar. With that one mention, the already popular bag spiked in popularity, and now millions are on standby for the Aug. 5 drop of its upcoming collection.

The Proof Is In The Numbers

According to Vogue Business, since Beyoncé’s album dropped, views of Telfar merch went up 85 percent globally on TheRealReal, a luxury resale marketplace. Additionally, Google trend searches for “Telfar” were higher than “Birkin bag” for about a five-hour period the day after the “Crazy In Love” singer’s seventh album dropped.

But what did Beyonce say that has her fans in an uproar, scouring the internet for a “Telfeezy?” In her own way, this is what caused the ruckus.

“This Telfar bag imported, Birkins, them sh-ts in storage.”

While these numbers are noteworthy, Kelly McSweeney, Women’s Merchandising Manager for The RealReal, expected the trend to occur.

“We tend to see an immediate boost in demand following major pop culture references to brands or particular styles,” McSweeney told Vogue Business.

Telfar On The Move

Beyoncé has a documented affinity for the Telfar bag.

In July 2021, she was first seen, via Instagram, rocking a white Telfar Shopping Bag. So, it is no surprise that with a history of supporting Black-owned businesses and the ability to influence and define the culture, the bag garnered even more popularity after its mention in Beyoncé’s latest project.

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Telfar may have seen spikes in popularity due to the recent mention in a song, but the company has been quite literally in its bag for a while.

Based on a previous report from AfroTech, Telfar Clemens was handpicked to design Liberia’s Olympic uniforms. The brand also announced in March 2022 that it had plans to open its first physical store.