Black music has always been the backbone of American culture.

From soul to hip hop to rock-n-roll, we have paved the way for all genres of music so it’s only right that we celebrate us for Black Music Month!

Crown Royal Regal Apple has partnered with singer and songwriter Lucky Daye to not only celebrate our music but to also honor Black art preservation and commemorate the Juneteenth Unityfest.


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“It’s important to preserve Black art and shine a light on it because at the end of the day, the people who go through the most have the most to say and that’s not just in terms of word quantity, but quality,” shared Lucky Daye in an exclusive interview with AfroTech.

Thanks to his own personal connection to the arts, the “Roll Some Mo” singer will not only perform during Unityfest but is set to also honor the works of Crown Royal’s Black Art Preservation Project — a project that was launched while the nation was at a point of inflection last summer.

Crown Royal Regal Apple launched the Black Art Preservation project to fill media spaces with the work of today’s most impactful Black artists.

Artists like Lucky Daye who will perform at this year’s event set to take place just in time for the new federal holiday.

“I personally want people to understand that this is happening,” said Lucky Daye when asked about how he wants people to understand and recognize the holiday moving forward. “A lot of people don’t want to talk about it and a lot of people don’t want to be involved, but at the end of the day you kind of have to look at it for face value and say, ‘yo, this should be talked about, this should be celebrated.'”

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