We’re going to have to get back to passing the Courvoisier Cognac after this one!

According to PR Newswire, today (Sept. 15), Courvoisier® Cognac, the most awarded cognac house, announced the launch of its global philanthropic platform Foundation 1828™.

Founded by Felix Courvoisier in 1828, Maison Courvoisier became a house that was not only close-knit but served as a community for artisans in the company’s hometown of Jarnac, France. Now, they’re continuing that mission through its platform, which aims to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive by supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs with the financial and educational resources needed to thrive.

“Entrepreneurs come in many different forms, from all walks of life and varying income levels. Courvoisier recognizes the importance of nurturing that drive, passion, and creativity in these individuals around the globe – especially for those who may have the odds stacked against them,” said Jon Potter, Managing Director of Maison Courvoisier in an official statement. “Foundation 1828 is designed to unify our mission and make a lasting impact by assessing the critical needs of underserved communities in our key global markets to build authentic programming that will provide long-lasting benefits to entrepreneurs for years to come.”

Despite the company’s given track record of supporting entrepreneurs throughout its history, this initiative will be the brand’s first formal move. Foundation 1828 includes a $1 million financial commitment over the next five years to equip Black and minority small business owners and entrepreneurs across the nation with the resources needed to bounce back after the heavy impact on businesses due to the pandemic.

First up, Courvoisier will sponsor a virtual session to be included in the Small Business Matters Entrepreneurship Day at the forthcoming National Urban League Conference. The program will take place on Thursday, Sept. 30, and is a part of the most recent partnership between the cognac brand and the National Urban League. Continuing the nonprofit’s mission, the program will provide the Black business community with a range of resources like educational programs, financial support and mentorship opportunities.

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