DeAndre Brown is stepping down from his position in corporate but he will still work to inspire change in the workplace.

Brown Learns Employers Were Trying To Get Rid Of Him Due To His Content

As AfroTech just told you, the viral social media star creates content surrounding the Millennial and Generation Z experience in the corporate space. Some of Brown’s experience has stemmed from his realities while working a consumer banking job at Citibank. In a video posted to Instagram on Thursday, June 9, Brown reveals while stepping down from his position, he learned his employers were working to fire him due to his social media content.

“Recently, I quit my job and it was brought to my attention once I put in my two weeks that a lot of people were working in the back end, trying to get rid of me because of the content that I post on social media in regards to Gen Z in the workforce. This showed me that instead of my company realizing that I was a valuable asset and they can utilize my insight in order to make changes within the workforce, they saw me as a threat. I truly struggled with quitting because I’ve built a whole brand around being a corporate baddie,” Brown said.



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Brown Will Continue To Inspire Change In The Workforce

Faced with a dilemma, Brown will continue to create content in hopes of inspiring change in the workforce. Brown recently told AfroTech aside from creating humorous content, there is an underlying purpose to ensure minorities have a seat at tables they are not typically invited to.

“It’s always been important to give back to minorities and give them access to spaces that we don’t necessarily have access in. We have so much talent that gets overlooked, and that’s why it is important for me to give back through my platform,” Brown told AfroTech.

In light of new changes, Brown’s mission has not wavered and he will continue to fight for change in the workforce.

“That encounter I had, allowed me to know two things. Those two reasons are the reason why I’m still a corporate baddie, even though I am not in corporate. One, it let me know that corporations are very reluctant to change, and it’s the same reason why I’m now gonna fight ten times harder to ensure that there is change so that generations that come after me do not have to put up with the same stuff I had to put up with. Two, it taught me the importance of having diversity in the workforce and I will continue to share resources so that people like me have a seat at the table,” Brown said.