Buckle up, because this story has grounds to be a wild ride.

After once serving as an inspiration to users across social media, things have taken a turn as one content creator is being accused of stealing from her clients.

Who Is Ashley Grayson Massengill?

Content creator Ashley Massengill once gained notoriety after claiming to have made $1 million within 40 minutes thanks to her online platform, Digital Course Recipe, Black Enterprise reports.

The platform was said to teach all that she learned over her four years as an entrepreneur. She was also said to be known for helping people turn their skills and passions into valuable online courses within 60 days.

Now, a quick social media search showcases a serious claim from a user by the username of @ess_ess_ache (Sherrell), who says both Massengill and her husband took off with her money.

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Sherrell called out both Massengill and her husband for allegedly scamming her out of $2,000 for the online course.

Furthermore, Sherrell claims that Massengill’s “self-made millionaire” claims are also fraudulent and further alleges that she received a huge payout after losing her finger in a work accident.

What’s more, others have since come forth saying that they too have been victims of Massengill.

But Wait, There's More

“A lot of people came forward and said they were scammed as well,” shared one Facebook user.

She added, “[They] bought Ashley’s course for up to $2,000 and then were blocked, etc.” Now, Ashley is also allegedly suing Sherrell for her initial TikTok post that jump started the allegations.

How Did She Become Influential?

Massengill’s story was one that seemed to be an inspiration to others. According to her, in 2013, she faced eviction and her car was ultimately repossessed.

Furthermore, Massengill says that she overdrafted her bank account just to launch her AM/PM Credit Repair company in 2017 prior to putting in her resignation letter.

“Today is my last day clocking in and working for anyone else,” said Massengill in a heartfelt post shared back in March 2017. “I’m now making more in one month with my business than I was making in three months working inside the post office. Yep! I tripled my federal salary in my pajamas. Just working from home and helping others reach their goals.”

At this time, Massengill has switched her TikTok profile to private amid the allegations.