The music industry is changing before our eyes in the age of digital distribution.

The rapid transformation has created a new model by which the industry follows and introduced a slew of companies pushing a new agenda behind independence and ownership — one of which being global distribution company Vydia.

According to Frank “Cheech” Polonia — Director of Creator Relations at Vydia — the company is an end-to-end music technology platform that provides labels and managers with the infrastructure and tools to power their business.

Vydia’s place within the music business is to ultimately bridge the gap between music and tech. Polonia’s role at the company includes championing the brand as a valuable tool in managing digital footprints for various entities in the industry including independent artists, managers, management companies, and record labels.

Polonia, a New York native who spent a decade serving as the Director of Standards and Practices at MTV, made the transition from music to tech after getting to know Vydia co-founder and CEO Roy LaManna.

“I was familiar with Vydia as a video delivery service as I was in S&P at Viacom and reviewed all the music videos that came in,” he said. “I got to know co-founder/CEO Roy LaManna more personally through the years. 

Talking with him made me realize that the music business as a whole was changing and technology was more at the forefront of that change.”

Much like Vydia’s adaptation to the industry’s changing landscape, Polonia was able to merge both music and tech to create a new career path for himself.

“I’ve always been a creative type with lots of passion for being involved in creating art,” he said. “Working at Vydia has allowed me to keep being the person I’ve always strived to be — a connector and asset to my relationships. With Vydia I feel I’ve grown even more and can now be more of all the things I love about my career.”

Now operating within Vydia’s realm, Polonia can offer the brand’s full suite of tech solutions including supply chain, global distribution, analytics, rights management, payments, detailed revenue reporting, and marketing.

What’s most remarkable about Polonia’s time at Vydia so far is joining the brand during its reform to offer music distribution solutions.

“I came to Vydia while we were more focused on video monetization and rights thereof,” he shared. “A major pivot as a business and for me was expanding our offering to Digital Audio Distribution. It was natural and important for me as a professional and for us as a company.”

Vydia — which has worked with notable figures such as Akon and Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir — powers businesses that are built and scaled by music entrepreneurs through its partnership of industry knowledge, talent management, and creative set of tech services. As a premium partner of leading digital service providers like Spotify, Apple, TikTok, and more — plus networks like BET, MTV, and Music Choice, Vydia combines innovative technology with music industry expertise to revitalize digital distribution.

With the music industry making such a strong pivot toward more tech solutions this year, it’s only expected that other innovative services and platforms like Vydia will rise to the occasion.

Aside from other shifts happening in the industry, Polonia predicts“the leading trend is and will continue to be independence and ownership” — which Vydia declares it is proud to represent both.

For more information about Vydia, visit its website.