Chanel E. Martin is a force in the entrepreneurial world.

At an early age, Chanel E. Martin recalls having two passions in the world of theatre and business. One passion has proven to be a long-term fixation as the former Georgia Tech student has grown to become the leading face of Kingdom Business Network.

Before the launch of the faith-based network, Chanel E. Martin was a chemical engineer who became interested in deciphering the best methods for the hair and skin of people of color. In 2013, she became a co-founder of Myavana, a web and mobile-based platform using scientific analysis for Black hair care. While serving at Myavana, Chanel learned the entrepreneurial ropes to establish a successful company.

Cultivating A Community For Authors

Three years following her role at Myavana, Martin stepped down to focus on motherhood and self-discovery. During this season, she pursued her faith journey more heavily. In a moment of reflection, Martin felt compelled to write a book, but she was looking to cultivate a community for accountability. What began as an inquisitive Facebook post seeking individuals looking to write a book, would lead to over 300 responses in merely a week.

Inadvertently Beyond The Book Media was born. The 21-Day Author Bootcamp helps brands publish non-fiction books and develop revenue-generating communities while becoming an influential force toward their target audience.

“Beyond The Book Media helps establish brand authority through published books. Some people are operating in brands but they were struggling to find something to create additional streams of revenue that were passive or could position them for more exposure,“ Martin told AfroTech.

She continued: “I wanted to teach our target audience like brands, entrepreneurs, and people in ministry wanting to capitalize off that influence — everything from how to quickly write a book in a week to 21 days and to teach them how to turn their brand into a workbook.”

To date, Beyond The Book Media boasts over 5,000 members and has serviced over 1,000 paying clients while helping 80 or more clients become published authors. Clients can credit the company for helping to capitalize their business and fostering speaker and media opportunities that followed the release of their book.

Becoming An Author Herself

It’s to no surprise Martin would eventually pop out with her own published works. One of her books “God Bless the Scribe” has become a driving force for one of Martin’s largest Clubhouse rooms “Profit Planning For Your Day.” The book teaches entrepreneurs how to spend their morning with God for their business.

For interested entrepreneurs looking to join Martin’s growing faith-based community, visit her website.