The year 2022 has been an interesting one. A wild real estate market, big tech layoffs, and the rising cost of inflation have the world on edge. As life would have it, no one is exempt from these impacts. And Cardi B is telling the world that she, too, is in the number.

Born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, the rapper has captivated the hearts and attention of her fans since she first hit the scene. With her witty personality and viral catchphrases, Cardi B shot up to the top and hasn’t looked down since.

The New York native gave us hits like “Bodak Yellow” and “Up.” Although many have a lot to say concerning her lyricism, few can argue her natural ability to perform and deliver a song.

Regardless of the pundit’s opinions surrounding Cardi’s music career, the rapper has leveraged her success to keep advancing her career beyond music. AfroTech previously reported that Cardi B has brand and endorsement deals with companies like Fashion Nova, Pepsi, Marc Jacobs, and Rap Snacks.

The “Invasion of Privacy” rapper has also tested her talents on the screen in titles like “Hustlers” and “Being Mary Jane.”

These opportunities may seem like Cardi B can float on an “easy street,” but according to her, it can all be lost in an instant.

This perspective is financially mature, considering the rapper once confirmed she makes one million dollars per performance.

“Over a M a show with 1 album,” Cardi B wrote in a tweet. “BIG SUPERSTAR are you dumb? Waiting on my agent got like 3 overseas, one for 2Ms.”

Regardless, Cardi B found herself at the center of a social media debate concerning her alleged net worth. Sources have reported that the rapper is worth $40 million, but the rapper says she’s worth more than that. Still, she says that without responsible financial management, she could lose everything.


In what seemed to be a random thought, Cardi tweeted a holiday greeting but noted that the recession is real.



However, one specific fan did not take well to her tweet, calling out the rapper’s net worth.



In pure Cardi B fashion, she responded, noting she is worth more than the reported $40 million but, like anyone else, can lose it all if she does not practice good financial habits.



“If I don’t save, work and budget I could lose it too! What makes you think that no matter how much money you got you can’t lose it all if you don’t manage your money correctly,” Cardi B wrote. “I too have bills, responsibilities and people I have to help.”


Cardi B’s perspective is one many resonated with as the Twitter community tapped in, in agreement. There is also truth wrapped in Cardi’s reality, noting many high-profile celebrities like Dennis Rodman, Allen Iverson, comedian Earthquake, and others have nearly lost it all due to mismanagement.