Everyone wants to make money moves, but does everyone know what it takes to keep those moves going?

Managing income and assets requires great diligence and intentionality, and for many celebrities and influencers that job is covered by someone they have vetted and trusted.

However, NFL player Calais Campbell did some cross-checking of his finances and soon found out that the person responsible for managing his money had made a five-figure mistake.

On a recent episode of the podcast “Earn Your Leisure” with Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, Campbell sat down to discuss the role of the National Football League Player Association, being consistent on and off the field, and some of the various financial mishaps athletes make.

While exploring the ways in which athletes can thrive and struggle, Campbell recalled an incident that prompted him to terminate his financial advisor.

Although he trusted his advisor to handle his finances, he decided one day to look through his accounts. After going through his expenses, Campbell noticed that $50,000 was missing.

“I see $50,00 just missing. I don’t know what it’s gone for,” he shared on the podcast. “So, I called him up, and he was like, ‘Oh, I meant to take it out of one of the other player’s accounts. I just made a mistake. I’m gone put it back in right now.’ And he did.”

According to the Atlanta Falcons defensive end, the money was supposed to be taken from the other player’s account for an undisclosed issue for his grandfather. But the event caused Campbell to question his advisor’s overall competence, leading to his ultimate termination.

“You can’t make that mistake,” Campbell continued. “If I don’t go on and look at this and I just end up missing it, you know? You’re telling me that it’s just an honest mistake. But from the outside looking in, either you were trying to get over on me, or genuinely you were just incompetent.”

According to Spotrac data, Campbell has earned over $130 million across his 15-season career. The 36-year-old also has signed a one-year deal with the Falcons worth $7 million for the upcoming season.