Esports is taking the college world by storm.

Having already launched an esports team back in February, Bowie State University wants to further support its students by creating an esports gaming lab facility, alongside a new game development and design degree, the Washington Business Journal reports.

The historically Black university is currently on the lookout for bids to fund the gaming lab facility. The university hopes the gaming facility will encourage more students to tap into esports, strengthen their loyalty to the university’s team by creating an exclusive space, and support the addition of an undergraduate degree in game design.

“It’s all part of an effort and plans to also create a game design academic program,” university spokesperson, Cassandra Robinson, said according to the outlet.

Robinson also confirmed senior academic administrator Carl Goodman is leading the efforts for the layout of the degree program that is to come.

The Project Awaits Bids For Development

Currently, the project is in its preliminary stages of development. Therefore, the school cannot verify the size, cost, or opening date of the facility, according to the esports coach and the university’s director of admissions Brandon Vinson. However, Vinson confirms he will push for next-generation consoles and virtual reality technology.

Now, Bowie State University will be on standby as they await feedback from the bid in hopes to receive funding. For now, the university will plan to create viewership hubs in residence halls and other public spaces to house attendees who are interested in supporting the team’s tournaments or for prospects looking to participate before potentially joining the team.

Bowie Hopes Its Esports Program Will Land Students Jobs

Bowie State University’s commitment to esports is due to a clear window of opportunity to creatively foster students’ professional skills and create a promising ecosystem beyond college.

“The platform can also boost teamwork, leadership and confidence building, “Vinson said, according to the outlet. “All these things tie into making you better prepared for the next steps after graduation when it comes to employment.”