Getting to the money is an idea that most people can get behind. From becoming a social media influencer to navigating a traditional job or even jumping into entrepreneurship, people are looking for ways to secure the bag and maximize wealth.

One of the ways people are expanding their worth is through investments and alternative forms of traditional currency like cryptocurrency. And although cryptocurrency has become more and more popular, the reality of it still makes people scratch their heads a little bit.

While crypto has been around since 2009, it has evolved. The digital currency market is expansive, and conversations around its use and inclusion in everyday life have become increasingly routine.

And with such evolution comes questions about its usage and what it means for the future. Even the IRS requires users to claim crypto on their taxes, but it’s categorized as property.

With so many uses, how can a person determine the best use of the currency? It is at this intersection that Blavity Deals enter the chat.

Blavity Deals is offering The Fundamentals of Blockchain, Bitcoin & Crypto course for people to learn more about creating an e-wallet, the basics of cryptocurrency, and comprehensive content around blockchain.

Taught by Senior Information Security Consultant and IT trainer Gabriel Avramescu, the hour-long course equips learners with the basics of cryptocurrency from a tech level and dives into the reality of the technology.


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