The talent that Black women exhibit when given an opportunity in the video gaming industry has been game-changing. However, the level of representation doesn’t measure in comparison to how limitless they are. According to data from the International Game Developers Association, only 2% of game developers are Black, per CNBC.

While the industry is continuing to work toward being more diverse, Black women gamers have been pushing out content to represent their community and are building safe spaces on streaming platforms. At the same time, these women are showcasing their own unique backgrounds and personalities. Showing their authentic selves has resulted in them gaining traction and raking in thousands of followers.

Below are some Black women gamers that should be on your radar.


Danielle Udogaranya, who goes by Ebonix in the gaming world, is a full-time content creator and Twitch ambassador. She is known for pushing for diversity in video games. Ebonix’s advocacy can be seen in her actions including working with “The Sims” to create custom content that represents the Black community such as different skin tones and hairstyles. What’s more, Ebonix is the co-founder of Black Twitch UK.


Hailing from Memphis, TN, Katie Robinson, who’s also known as PikaChulita, has been on Twitch for eight years. As a Black woman from the LGBTQ+ community, the heart of her content is both DEI-focused and community. The overall mission of PikaChulita’s Twitch channel is to uplift and support marginalized communities, especially in gaming.


Content creator Amira Virgil, aka Xmiramira, makes it clear on her Twitch that she has no tolerance for any form of hate on her channel. She uses her platform to create space for fellow Black women gamers. Similar to Ebonix, Xmiramira had an issue with the lack of representation in “The Sims” and decided to be a part of making a change. The video game streamer created the Melanin Pack that allows Black creators to make the content they want.


Since her adolescence, BarefootTasha has had a passion for gaming. However, the pandemic motivated her to commit to growing on Twitch. Thanks to monetizing on the platform, she says it’s been her saving grace.



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Along with being an avid gamer and content creator, Khaykashi serves as a Twitch ambassador. The video games she plays range from “Mario Kart” to “Skyrim.” Her intent behind her platform is to not only build alongside her community, The Hidden Nugget Village, but also to bring humor and laughter to brighten the days of its members.