Once upon a time, Flint, Michigan thrived as one of the nation’s largest General Motors plants until the city’s economy declined and they were hit with the largest water crisis America has seen in the last 20 years, CNN reports.

The environmental injustice that’s been happening to Flint over the last six years has proven to be nearly fatal to the city’s residents, but this company came up with a revolutionary idea to help alleviate the health crisis.

Quartz Water Source — a company committed to expanding global access to clean water founded by Flint natives — launched this week with a mission to offer cutting-edge Atmospheric Water Generation technology solutions to the people who need it, a press release reports.

Requiring nothing more than electricity, Quartz Water Source can provide “plug-and-drink clean drinking water solutions” on a global scale as Flint is not the only place dealing with this kind of crisis.

The technology used by Quartz is designed to “meet the needs of cities, villages, factories, hospitals, and other areas where water is difficult to access, or current water sources are contaminated.”

“We are committed to ensuring that clean water is a right, not a privilege,” said co-founder and CEO, Jonathan Quarles. “As a Flint-native, I’ve seen, first-hand, what life without access to clean water looks like. Knowing that one in every three people around the world doesn’t have access to clean drinking water inspired me to roll up my sleeves and launch Quartz Water Source.”

As a “second line” clean water solution supplementing for municipal water supply, the Atmospheric Water Generation technology makes use of the world’s largest source of water — air. The technology then allows for swift and easy deployment in most weather conditions, remote areas as well as locations with little access.

For more information on Quartz Water Source, visit their website.