When Kelley Blue Book announced that they’d be releasing their first-ever non-fungible token (NFT), “Black-ish” star Marcus Scribner saw a natural fit. The actor, best known as “Andre” on the show, grew up with a love of cars — and history with the automotive mainstay — and just felt it was all kismet.

The new NFT was a way to announce the winner of the coveted Best New Model Award (which went to the 2022 Ford Maverick) and to enter into the competitive market. In a press release announcement, Kelley Blue Book revealed that their first-ever NFT would bring this honor to life.

“‘Model NFT by KBB.com’ visually shows the evolution of cars and how far they’ve come, also giving a nod to Kelley Blue Book’s storied heritage,” read the press release. “Funds will be donated to American Rivers, which protects clean water and rivers across the country, reinforcing Kelley Blue Book’s sustainability efforts. Kelley Blue Book commissioned the digital artwork from Bloo Woods, a talented Atlanta-based digital artist who brought Kelley Blue Book’s 95-year automotive knowledge visually to life.”

The “Black-ish” star, who was and remains a car enthusiast, saw the opportunity and immediately jumped on it. In an exclusive interview, we talked with him about the NFT, the partnership, and his love of cars.

Editorial note: Portions of this interview have been edited & condensed for clarity.

Marcus Scribner Discusses His Love of Cars

“I grew up around cars all my life,” he told AfroTech. “My grandfather owned a repair shop, and he’d toss me, like, $20 to work there for the summer. But that immediately kicked off my love for automobiles. Even today — even working on ‘Black-ish’ — I never lost my love for cars. I knew things about them that few others did, and I still love them — working on them, reading about them, working with them — to this day.”

On How He Came to the Partnership with Kelley Blue Book

“My dad — you know, he had the original paper Kelley Blue Book,” he said. “It was crazy. So when this opportunity came up, it felt like such a natural fit. I love how they’re evolving with the times, and giving a new way to look at both cars, and themselves and what they offer as a product.”

On His — and KBB's — Entry into the NFT World

“This is KBB’s first year for their model NFTs,” he said. “It really shows how much the automotive industry has evolved. I love how the NFTs are so interactive, and you really get a great view of things. I have to admit; I’m a bit behind on the NFT craze. I came into it very late in the game. And I’m a very conservative and cautious investor — so I don’t really invest in things unless I fully understand them. But I firmly believe that they’re a mainstay in our culture now, and with the way things like crypto and other digital art is, I believe it will eventually be yet another supplemental form of investment.”

On What Advice He Would Give to Newbie NFT Investors

“Look for something that really moves you,” he said. “Pick up a piece of dope art because it’s dope. Don’t just pick up something that everyone else is getting, or ride on a ‘popularity train.’ Patience is key. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. And above all else, be smart and safe out there.”