Ayesha Curry is going from having a “green thumb” to becoming a leader in the gardening space.

According to a press release, the chef has joined one of the leading organic gardening brands Back to the Roots’ Board of Directors. With the news, Curry is marked as the sixth member of the Oakland-based company’s board, which has a focus on product and brand development.

Through her new appointment, they’re striving to further connect with their Gen Z consumers with Curry’s “cachet to the company as it looks to capitalize on healthier and more sustainable food practices popular with younger people.”

“I am so excited to join the board of Back to the Roots,” Curry shared, per the press release. “Nikhil, Alejandro and I share a passion for educating families about the magic of growing their own food and creating excitement about making healthy food choices. As a mom, it is important for me to encourage my children to develop a healthy lifestyle while also being mindful of protecting the Earth.  As a businesswoman, I love that I am able to combine my passions and help this impressive business continue to excel as the garden brand for the next generation.” 

Before the announcement, Curry has previously invested in Back to the Roots for its $20.2 million Series D funding round in April, according to Bloomberg. In total, Back to the Roots raised $41.6 million. Additionally, the company is expecting to sell $100 million worth of gardening products in 2022. 

“We are so honored to have Ayesha join the board. Her incredible entrepreneurial mindset and innate branding & community development expertise make her the perfect fit for our company as we scale into our next chapter,” said Nikhil Arora, Back to the Roots Co-Founder and Co-CEO. 

Currently, Back to the Roots’ products are sold nationwide including at Walmart, The Home Depot, Target, Lowe’s, and on Amazon.