The legacy of Breonna Taylor continues to live on.

In September 2020, Amy Sherald paid tribute with a cover portrait for Vanity Fair following the tragic loss in March of that year. Now, the artist is using the portrait’s proceeds to pay it forward to Taylor’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

According to UofLNews, Sherald donated $1 million of the art earnings toward scholarships for law students at the University of Louisville. The funding is set to be specifically for students who are committed to social justice.

“I have long held the belief of the transformative power of education and its ability to foster new conversations and accelerate societal growth,” Sherald shared in a statement, according to UofLNews. “With support from the Heartland Foundation and the Ford Foundation it has become possible for me to realize those beliefs.”

She added, “I have created this trust to help unblock the challenges historically faced by students pursuing the work of social justice and public service while attending the University of Louisville.”

UofL Interim Vice President for Community Engagement Douglas Craddock Jr speaks on the gift:

“Nothing can take away the injustice of Breonna Taylor’s death. But what we must do is create spaces where Breonna Taylor is remembered and where her legacy can inspire us to carry on the hard work of erasing inequality and divisiveness. Amy Sherald’s gift will have transformative power for the law school fellows and scholarship recipients who will benefit from her decision to use her artistic gift to help heal the corrosiveness of hatred and animosity.”

The Scholarships

Sherald’s grand gesture has birthed Brandeis Law School’s Breonna Taylor Legacy Fellowship and the Breonna Taylor Legacy Scholarship for undergraduates, the outlet shares.

The scholarships are $7,000 and fellowship stipends are $9,000.

The Requirements

To be in consideration for the scholarships and stipends, undergrads are required to “demonstrate a commitment to social justice” while law students must have 60 or more credit hours and “secure a legal volunteer position over the summer with a social justice nonprofit organization or agency.”

The applications will be available in the summer of 2023.