For weeks, the public has expressed constant outrage at the miscarriage of justice on behalf of Breonna Taylor.

Taylor — a victim of police violence who was shot asleep in her home — has yet to have proper justice sought out for her wrongful death. The officers involved in the shooting — Brett Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly, and Myles Cosgrove — are still free as the world calls for action to be taken by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

Despite this, there are still leaders fighting on her behalf, including L.A. activist and Detroit native Jelani Curtis — who created an online platform to provide easy steps to demand justice, Detroit Free Press reports.

Curtis, who took this as a personal challenge to do right by Taylor, created the platform as an act of solitude and a way to use his skills for good.

“Me, as a creative person who’s used to solving problems on a daily basis, I was kind of beating my head against the wall like there has to be some idea that can kind of expedite justice because it’s been a long time,” he told the Detroit Free Press.

His website, For Breonna, includes contact information for Kentucky’s attorney general and governor, in addition to the mayor and the police department, BET reports. Users are able to access phone numbers and email addresses with the option to opt for calendar reminders to send emails as well.

“I knew that I was trying to create a simple tool, but I didn’t know that the response would be so great,” said Curtis to Detroit Free Press as the site’s Instagram account now exceeds 20,000 followers.

“Being a Black male, I think there’s a responsibility of the privilege that I have from even a gender standpoint. I think it’s super important that Black women are aware that Black men are actually standing up for them, speaking up for them, protecting them because society doesn’t show that they have been protecting Black women,” Curtis said.

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