It’s here, fam! Hopefully, you are getting settled in, but the time has come for you to hit the ground running. Let’s make this year’s AFROTECH Conference the best one yet!

As you lay out that fire outfit, get your mind right. It’s opening day, and it’s all about setting the tone.

Take a look at today’s schedule below:

First Things First

The first order of business is picking up your conference badge, which is an experience in itself. The check-in line is less about exhibiting patience and more about taking advantage of tapping in with the fantastic people who are attending the conference.

With thousands of people entering the Austin Convention Center and coordinating locations, building your squad starts right away. Be sure to gather names and LinkedIn information to build connection.

The First Big Moment

After you check in, please stick around and tap in with the opening session, created to get you hype, prepare your mind, and establish the overall vibe for the rest of the week. This collective setting will be an incredible opening for all the fantastic things you will continue to experience from this point forward.

From The Stage To The Reception Floor

After the opening session, a couple of options exist for a welcoming reception. Based on your ticket level, there’s a reception specifically designed for you. A wise use of this time is to network, network, network. Taking advantage of authentically connecting with people is an AFROTECH cheat code.

Social Vibes Start Early

Today’s schedule may make day one seem chill, but the day won’t come to an official end without some activations from the conference’s official partners. From Coco Butter, presented by Broccoli City, to the AFRICA @ AFROTECH Welcome Party, there are plenty of options later, allowing you to tap into the play-hard aspect at the onset.

Level Set To Level Up

Setting the tone today is critical for a successful week. When you have some extra time, do a self-tour of all the event spaces, review the sessions you want to attend, and plan those outfits out for the rest of the week. Leave no stone unturned, good people.

Day one is full of potential, but maximizing it is up to you.

Take advantage of everything in front of you today, but pace yourself. This week has much more ground to cover, so use the AFROTECH Connect app to stay on top of it all.