This little guy is proof that baby geniuses exist.

Baby Dev, or Devan, is the 2-year-old whose obsession with numbers has him solving math equations that even the average adult could be stumped by.

The child’s Instagram and TikTok accounts are filled with clips of him excitedly working out math problems on a whiteboard, and the comments from his quickly growing community of followers include words of encouragement and fascination that Baby Dev can do such a feat at his young age.

Much like Baby Dev’s story has caught the attention of a host of folks on the internet, television host and singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson was also blown away by the young man’s wits, so much so that she dialed him and his father Duane onto her talk show to learn more.

“At four months old, we started showing Devan numbers, and we noticed when we would change the channels and the shows, he would start to cry, and when we would change it back, he would stop crying,” Duane recalled. “And also, his first word was ‘seven,’ and we thought that was pretty cool.”

From there, Baby Dev’s parents sprang into action and began to really encourage their son’s love of numbers.

“At [age] one, we brought a writing tablet, and we would practice writing numbers while holding his hands and saying it aloud, so soon after that, he was able to write numbers all on his own,” Duane explained.

The two-year-old put his wits to the test during the show’s broadcast, solving a problem for Clarkson and the audience. What’s more, he did it with the same excitement shown throughout the viral clips.

Clarkson and team were so moved by Baby Dev’s genius that before he and his father said their goodbyes, she presented them with $1,000 on behalf of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” season sponsor Pilot Pen.

If this is the case at age 2, one can only imagine what the future holds for little genius Baby Dev. And from the looks of it, he has an army of folks who will likely cheer him on every step of the way.